The Lay Low

Continuing an old blog is a risky way to spend time. Without making great bounds the first time around, and slipping into discouragement, there is only oneself to blame. But a blog is a very helpful way to make one’s name online, or at least to ring in that you continue to be writing. Sometimes a change of direction is required. For example, facts may have come to light of which you were unaware. More importantly, you may have decided that a personal blog may not be the best way to talk on the Internet. Or perhaps you ran out of time, with new responsibilites emerging in your life, or simply new interests being cultivated, making maintaining your newbie blog less of a priority than you thought it would be. However, cyberspace has some permanency to it, and maybe simply making the choice to go back to blogging but from a new angle will work (and get a result).

As an adult getting older, I am more and more reflecting on what I want in life, and less on being that youngster that I was two years ago. You have to write to your audience, and I am continuing an old blog from where I can start to engage, fingers crossed, the kind of people who enjoy entry-level blogs. Why not keep the old self-image, make a few edits and add a visual theme, and continue? That way someone can see what I had envisioned, and how I changed in response.

My head these days is busy, sometimes in the field of social media. There is a considerable wealth of information on the social media phenomenon. Although, these days, blogging is a popular hobby, trying to inject of bit of savvy into the meld might add an air of professionalism, dare I say. I am not alone in this thinking given how many people are blogging, and even blogging about the subject of blogging. There is an enormous number of different opinions on the Internet as you almost certainly already know. I am reaching the point where I want to be continuing an old blog, and I think the tenuous and evidentiary continuity between what I was writing and publishing, and where I want to take it, is worth the effort.

I hope there was a glimmer of recognition for you that I am going forward in this mould. I think I will be giving you something of a personal account of a few highlights, and growing a hint of knowledge accordingly. The Internet is a wonder of our time, and it would be amiss not to offer a helping hand to those who are among the likeminded. It can be a regular part of day-to-day life, and also worth the time of those whom I meet in the realm of digital communications. For what it’s worth, I did observe substantial change in the lives of those I discussed in my early blog days of a year and a half ago and two years ago. It has taken me some time this summer to make the effort of continuing an old blog, and I am hopeful that it will be worthwhile. At the very least, the activity of writing more in this blog may be a soothing balm for I who write here. I hope that you will give me the benefit of the doubt!