Work? The more the better

Working can be rewarding. I volunteer at a cemetery and that is kind of the most important thing that I do. If I had my way, I would work more in fact. I would want to work full time in order to feel that I am spending my time with facility. I know some people are satisfied with a good day’s work, and some people are even workaholics. I would be happy with a regular full time schedule to feel that I am learning all the time and keeping on top of a business.stones_in_snow_fe_22

I am reading an Irish blogger these days, named Carthage Buckley. I subscribe to his blog and I see a good number of his tweets. His blog is full of good advice for someone who is working throughout the week. He is a personal coach and many of his tips relate to productivity as it is understood in the work place. I enjoy what he has to say.

Carthage often writes in a style that suggests he is putting into place his own guidance, that it works for him and that he is sharing what he knows with others. He suggests that what works for him, can work for you. Whether it is a focused task management strategy or a list of goals, he writes comprehensively in his blog about these kinds of work options and what you can do in your own role on the job to be fulfilling. I agree that working can be rewarding

tractor_dig_apr_30Carthage also writes about a number of communication strategies in his blog. He offers help to people needing to give feedback to others, on how to craft arguments and even how to liven up. Many of the points he makes on both productivity and on communication I find interesting. I read from beginning to end when I see a new post by Carthage and sometimes it is more than once that I am reading his post.

He also talks about anger management and offers insight into how someone getting angry can cope. I don’t feel I have a significant problem with anger but some might. I know from my own reading that anger is a complicated subject and can have a myriad of outcomes. It is best to look outside yourself for aid if you are experiencing undue anger.

Managing anger – 8 tips to make it a positive experience

The idea of goal setting recurs again and again in Carthage’s blog. He insists it is necessary. I haven’t take many of the first steps necessary to making goal setting work, but I may attempt that someday. Carthage writes about goal setting enough that I believe him that it is an important component of success, both personal and professional. The right goals can pave the way and working can be rewarding.

Goal creation: 5 helpful rules

Carthage occasionally recommends his favourite books in his blog posts and while I haven’t read them, I believe they would be good reads. Reading is a pleasure in which I take part sparingly and many of his book choices aren’t books I know, but I trust Carthage’s judgement. I haven’t talked to the Irishman in person but he recommends books frequently enough that I know he enjoyed the ones he mentions.

Last, Carthage talks about positive thinking enough that I know he does his best to make the practice (of positive thinking) work. I feel I am a positive thinker and Carthage has a fresh perspective on the subject of positive thinking. Positive thinking is a great mode out of which to work if you are able to make a success of yourself with positive thinking and bring that to the table leading to the possibility that working can be rewarding.

7 Beliefs that support a positive mindset

I like the work that I do manage to get done and I make the most of it. Some of my values match those in the writing of Carthage Buckley. Since I have been reading his blog, I feel better about my chances in the future. His writing is intelligent and articulate, and I am glad I am on the e-mail list he maintains.


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