Have Some Fun with a LifeHack Series

This post touches on why we love life. I am very much indebted to the people who have followed me on WordPress. All of you seem very intriguing and I am looking forward to more blogging. When asked today to reflect on people’s struggles, I was confronted with the problem of what it is I have to say that has depth. I am hoping one or more of my followers will help me, and moreover anyone who chances upon this blog post in the next few days may join in as well. This is a specific approach to posting and what is known as a series.

  • LifeHack: the explanation here is what it means to me

Why We Love life (And You Should, Too!)

Seen websites like those in the below section? They’re innumerable, but to me, they’re great.

Why Poor People Can’t Just “Get a Job”

Change Spending Habits to Increase Your Income

How to Make Your Baby Steps Count in Goal Setting

They are helpful to read, and some of my own personal philosophy is drawn from advice in such articles. Reading these, you are all the more likely to join in the decree why we love life.DSCF8066

  • My Blogging Challenge series and why you should take an interest

I have been taking part, since the eighth of October of this year, in a twenty-one day blogging challenge to improve my style as a blogger (on WordPress). The result of the challenge has been a number of new followers, and I am grateful to all of you for following. Today in the challenge I learned what it means to write a series of blog posts. In my case, I am taking, I believe, four days, starting in a few, to write a series of blog posts about what we love in life. What’s more, I would invite anyone to write similar posts, at the same time, taking as a prompt for his or her own blog the subject of loving life and helping others to love life. Tell people why we love life.

  • Taking the series as a prompt for your blog post

I have a rough plan to write a four-day series of posts about my “LifeHack,” or why we love life. If you follow my blog, or like what I am saying here tonight, you are welcome to join the series by writing your own take on loving life, and why people struggle to love life, and I shall reflect on you in the success of the series. This is the very first time I have attempted such a thing and I hope it is rewarding.

Details of my Biggest Failure Signed, Sealed and Delivered

I have a confession to make. When something major in life goes wrong, it can really in a wide sweeping motion derail you off the tracks. I have to confess, I didn’t complete school as I’d intended and I left matters of academia in what I feel was a mess. My first year was basically successful, but I was left feeling awful and I ultimately had to downgrade my course of study. I spent an extraordinarily long time only to finally close the deal with a college diploma.

  • I took French and Geography in my first year of school.

French was extremely difficult for me and I don’t know how I’d been accepted into a curriculum like that. I couldn’t speak the language and I couldn’t read it. Somehow, I squeaked by, but it was a stressful, unpleasant experience, and a waste of time (and of money). Thank goodness my French course came and went.

My first year geography course was better, but nonetheless I found it complicated and dull. To keep on top of my work, one of the essay assignments I had to submit to my Teacher’s Assistant, I “borrowed” liberally from other articles (ie, parts were plagiarized). I think the guilt over that was so intense (and it was a wrongful thing to do), I had to leave school for some time. Perhaps more than anything that is why I have a confession to make.

  • It was weird being away from home.

I was sad being away so much of the time, as I was quite some distance from home. The winter of my first year was a typical Canadian winter and the weather conditions were extreme. I remember wandering about at night wondering how on earth I could face the future, or even the next day, and it was very distressing.

nice_booksThere were a few fun times, though, because I liked the town where I was going to school. I just had a gut instinct to poke my nose around and explore rather than knuckle down and do the work. I can’t go back and fix what I did and because of that I have a confession to make.

  • I wasted lots of time, more than I could afford to waste.

What I needed to do was to be constantly active, as much as possible, and I simply wasn’t. I wasted more time than I could afford to waste. At times I was hiding out in my dorm room listening to compact discs of strange, drug-influenced music. I think my biggest regret is not reading avidly in school whenever I had free time. It’s really a requirement of success. All this adds up to the fact that I have a confession to make.

It is hard for me to believe that this is acceptable; I really feel it’s not. I wish to goodness I’d done far better. Anyone wish to venture a comment from their own experience that parallels what I did? Thanks for reading.

Verbal Confirmation: Assigning a Speech Label

I like to delineate. My favourite verb is to delineate. Once in a while, at the cemetery, I assist with burials. We have a ledger outlining in orderly fashion who rests where in the cemetery. Now, the ledger is kept in safekeeping and we referred to it only infrequently. It does delineate how those departed rest.

sept_25_cemtI delineate other aspects of my life as well. I like to delineate. In social media, people are delineated and it is remarkable that way. In particular, on Twitter there are lists of people’s accounts you can define and utilise. Now, personally, I admit I haven’t ever felt the need to write such a list for day-to-day interaction. I simply look at random intervals of time and glance over what people are tweeting. The different declarations of this and that is lively and that is how it is remarkable. When a great recommendation to go to an article is posted, it is good fun.

There is more in life that can be delineated, of course. It goes without saying that compartmentalizing tasks on an ongoing basis is very much delineation. You can change gears from one objective to another by delineating them. However you proceed, you can find yourself rapidly delineating your day so that things work in your favour.

I don’t play cards, but an instance where you can delineate is a hand of Solitaire. If you do play one of the varieties of Solitaire, you know you delineate a deck of cards into piles. The pleasure of the game, I imagine, is how chance itself can be delineated within the rules that bind the cards into a game. I like to delineate, but I simply don’t play because I am too interested in how chance changes without the limit of rules on a deck of card, if it possible to notice and observe such a thing.

Points of interest in a travel situation can also be delineated. When somewhere new or far from home, you can explore a little and many do by delineating a number of spots where you can go. With only a little time and energy, you can enjoy many sights and sounds having delineated what is now near to you. The idea of here and there, once delineated, becomes accomplished. To many people, that is a rewarding feeling, and you will have stories to tell back home.

For me, I would like to feel I am characterized by the verb to delineate. If I get the chance to look at advice, my favourite kind of advice is how to organize and make the most of your time. Ironically, I don’t place a lot of importance on spending time in full force or with efficacy and that kind of thing. I just like to think about it! I like to delineate. That is why I choose, as my favourite verb, to delineate.