Have Some Fun with a LifeHack Series

This post touches on why we love life. I am very much indebted to the people who have followed me on WordPress. All of you seem very intriguing and I am looking forward to more blogging. When asked today to reflect on people’s struggles, I was confronted with the problem of what it is I have to say that has depth. I am hoping one or more of my followers will help me, and moreover anyone who chances upon this blog post in the next few days may join in as well. This is a specific approach to posting and what is known as a series.

  • LifeHack: the explanation here is what it means to me

Why We Love life (And You Should, Too!)

Seen websites like those in the below section? They’re innumerable, but to me, they’re great.

Why Poor People Can’t Just “Get a Job”

Change Spending Habits to Increase Your Income

How to Make Your Baby Steps Count in Goal Setting

They are helpful to read, and some of my own personal philosophy is drawn from advice in such articles. Reading these, you are all the more likely to join in the decree why we love life.DSCF8066

  • My Blogging Challenge series and why you should take an interest

I have been taking part, since the eighth of October of this year, in a twenty-one day blogging challenge to improve my style as a blogger (on WordPress). The result of the challenge has been a number of new followers, and I am grateful to all of you for following. Today in the challenge I learned what it means to write a series of blog posts. In my case, I am taking, I believe, four days, starting in a few, to write a series of blog posts about what we love in life. What’s more, I would invite anyone to write similar posts, at the same time, taking as a prompt for his or her own blog the subject of loving life and helping others to love life. Tell people why we love life.

  • Taking the series as a prompt for your blog post

I have a rough plan to write a four-day series of posts about my “LifeHack,” or why we love life. If you follow my blog, or like what I am saying here tonight, you are welcome to join the series by writing your own take on loving life, and why people struggle to love life, and I shall reflect on you in the success of the series. This is the very first time I have attempted such a thing and I hope it is rewarding.


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