At Times Tweeting is an Uphill Battle

Tweeting improves with practise. Trying to craft tweets is hard for me, and I don’t imagine it’s the easiest thing to do, because there is a small number of characters permitted to a tweet. Some people cheat, and let their ideas hang out over successive tweets, but to spit out a tweet that is worth a look takes a bit of work. While it doesn’t come naturally to me, I like Twitter, and this is about how I write tweets.

Trending: should trending be the focus?

Trending helps, as in both subjects being discussed, and hashtags that are big at the moment. I like to weigh in, for the sake of chatter. If I am tweeting a link to my blog, I am willing to weigh in against the trends, though, and I like tweeting a link to my blog when I publish a post. Tweeting improves with practise.

The trends also serve to inform me what is spoken on Twitter, which is a big help, and I have noticed that trending topics on Facebook are generally different than the trends on Twitter (and also Yahoo! for that matter)–I take it that news breaks in different quarters.

Addressing people: what about speaking to people with big numbers behind them?

Twitter improves with practise. I have seen Twitter users shout out to the Twitter users with giant numbers of followers. That is very bold and I am reluctant to style my tweets that way, as that isn’t how I write tweets. That being said, I do get interesting people following me, and I feel confident, so many days I give Twitter at least an hour of my time, and sometimes just to see what is being tweeted by the people I follow.

Retweets: helping spread the word

compass roseRetweeting the tweets of those you’re following is said to be good etiquette on Twitter. I don’t always understand entirely the point of view of those I’m following. I don’t want to step on any toes, but if a tweet is clear to me, and bang on as the trends read, I am open to giving a retweet as the information in the tweet may be more welcome (than just my opinion). It goes along with how I write tweets, and a lot of people add the designation “RT” to the tweets they retweet. Tweeting improves with practise.

Letting leading authorities have their say

Of course, some people on Twitter are authorities simply by the weight of numbers they command. There are experts in their areas of speciality, and there are people doing business on Twitter, and there are people who are funny and interesting. Most of them, I see what is in my timeline, and I surf the link if I think it will enlighten me if I know about the knowledge that is being passed. Reading what musicians and celebrities are doing is fun, too. All in all, an hour on Twitter is an amusing look in at the world.

If you have suggestions how I can better handle Twitter, and on how I tweet, please leave a comment. I am always trying to learn. If you are an expert, by all means, your comment is welcome. I wish you all the best, and good luck!


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