The Battle in Marvel Comics of Avengers 2020: A Dismissal?

Fans enjoy Marvel Avengers, which is reportedly headed for “Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2″ on May 3, 2019. Where does this leave fans, who have been watching these films for years now. What’s in store for the wicked and for the faithful?

Where will The Avengers be after 2019?

The coolest thing that could happen would be for Thanos to annihilate the Avengers. It would mean upset among Marvel fans, but it would be an interesting conclusion. That kind of destruction on film would I feel be rid of most of The Avengers. Marvel would next have outer space to have heroes battle to control. Fans enjoy Marvel Avengers. If the Avengers were mostly destroyed, the minds and originators at Marvel could create new warriors, space warriors, and that would take Marvel in a direction of more serious sci-fi. This would lend credibility to an opportunity for new great movies.

Is ‘Infinity War’ The End Of Marvel’s Avengers? – MTV// //

Is ‘Infinity War’ The End Of Marvel’s Avengers?

Infinity Gauntlet has to be stopped from controlling the world.

If Infinity Gauntlet does not prevail in Avengers: Infinity War, maybe the Avengers could be sunk at sea or otherwise forgotten while saving Earth. If the Infinity Stones can be reversed from the Infinity Gauntlet, by which I mean separated back into their individual parts, maybe the Avengers could sacrifice themselves in the name of demolishing Infinity Gauntlet. It would be an ultra-heroic effort to save Earth. Fans enjoy Marvel Avengers. The Avengers would be remembered as heroes, but no more films depicting them would be required.

It’ll Be Thanos vs. Everyone in Avengers: Infinity War |


Where will Marvel go next?

How about Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies? It would be fun, whatever happens to Earth in Avengers: Infinity War, if returning Avengers characters were forced to flee to Battleworld. There they could meet Zombies and Ultron’s legion of robots. I would be happier with a film that had Earth’s surviving Avengers, perhaps partnered with a Battleworld warrior, take on Zombies. I am not thrilled with the idea of Marvel telling the story of Guardians of the Galaxy more than need be. Even a return to Earth could happen for the heroes of Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies. A story for a movie could be one in which the victors realize that the Age of Ultron is not for them and that they need to go back to Earth (possibly to restore it). I would enjoy that film, I believe.


Thoughts and arguments? Fans enjoy Marvel Avengers. If you are a fan of Marvel films, let me know by liking this post or commenting below!

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