Writer’s Generator’s introductory

The Writer’s First Line Generator is a website that has computer-generated assistance if writing. tumblr_nqx8pj7h531tubinno1_1280This week WordPress has been encouraging a daily post of flash fiction and it helped identify a direction to write my flash fiction post of three days ago.
However, yesterday I went back to the site if I could mine it more for inspiration. It suggested an introduction very, very similar to my post of the twenty-fifth. This is what it had:

The afternoon when my brother murdered his wife, I became a millionaire’s tailor.

I was unhappy that what seemed promising to flash fiction rolling quickly became redundant.
Frankly, this sentence seems a little strange: it was a jump-off point three days ago for flash fiction, but the same general composition would likely result if I went from there. However, tonight, I’m thinking, and suddenly I realize I can surf the Content Creation Tool below:


Basically, Spinbot alters a composition so that words among the whole of the piece turn into different words. The result is amusing, somewhat helpful and a bit of fun seeing the original work transplanted into something new. Writer’s Generator gave, “…afternoon when my brother murdered his wife, I became a millionaire’s tailor.” Dropped into Spinbot, I suddenly have:
The evening when my sibling killed his wife, I turned into a mogul’s tailor.
Now “afternoon” is “evening”, “brother” is “sibling,” “became” is “turned into,” and “millionaire” is “mogul.”

I like the revised sentence more than what I asked Writer’s Generator to suggest last night. The question might arise whether a millionaire is the same as a mogul. I feel they are one and the same. Certainly, a millionaire is able to act as a mogul. He or she with the million dollars has quite a bit of sway as a “name.”. In fact, the chance that the protagonist might be tailor to a mogul seems to my sensibilities to be more interesting than the more simple utterance of “millionaire.” A mogul takes action and carries out that which benefits him or her; perhaps a millionaire does not. Therefore the fictional mogul may be more interesting than his counterpart, the Writer’s Generator’s “millionaire.”

It is made more interesting that the specific characterization of the “mogul’s tailor” is in the Writer’s Generator’s introductory sentence. The mogul by necessity becomes less interesting than the less powerful character, the tailor. The mogul’s behaviour is less important than the tailor’s behaviour, because the story of the events in the tailor’s life as they relate to he or she (and entertain the reader). Whereas in reality a mogul might have more of an impact than the life of a tailor, in fiction that tailor may be more clearly defined as the protagonist and therefore of greater relevance to the story going forward with the introduction suggested by the Writer’s Line Generator. A reader could be moved more by circumstances in the life of a tailor if the reader is involved in the story.

However, of course, the tailor’s sibling killed his wife. This sets in action the course of the events in the story. It may be the story of how his or her sister-in-law lost her life, but more to the point the tailor is now in the service of the mogul, in the unwritten story (thanks Writer’s First Line Generator). This line suggests the tailor’s employment in the service of the mogul is the theme of the story.

tumblr_nqx8chHbKD1tubinno1_1280I wanted to explain myself here how I originated the flash fiction writing of two days ago. Thanks for reading. In the future, I expect to move on from input courtesy of this Generator.


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