Boundaries Challenge

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Boundaries can be creative. A golfer is bound by rules that determine how along a golf course he drives his ball. If a golf ball falls outside of play, a penalty is incurred. There are boundaries in life which are unspoken and seldom crossed. These are for the best. It is with this in mind I look at the WordPress Photo Challenge for the week of Friday, October 2. The blogging challenge invites photographers who blog to examine boundaries.

Boundaries contain, of course, and it is part of a whole that the individual is active. Boundaries can be creative.

Every individual is surely subject to boundaries. We strive to maintain the area of the big boundaries which we feel is ours, and we exercise caution when straying into new or otherwise unknown boundaries. Each step we take on the surface of the planet is contained by boundaries, some of which exist in the mind of the one employing himself in motion, some of which are tangible to others and which it must be hoped are evident to the one challenging them. Often, the boundaries are respected, because it is as easy to observe them as it is easy to ignore them. The boundaries are part of us. Many people find themselves flourishing if they understand boundaries.

What is the grid that keeps us safe? I am looking at it from within, my eyes on the horizon. Boundaries can be creative.

Often, we are inside a structure that keeps us organized. The horizon is always there, but we are not necessarily striving to reach it. There are enough of us with an interest in being in place that we are pleased that we are winning our place amid turbulent disorder. We count on others to be regulated and to be interested in being regulated. The grid is laid over us so that we have fewer problems by which we manage ourselves. The grid is a common phenomenon for us. We have no problem managing to thrive if we see our grids in life as an advantage. Like batter grilled to dip in maple syrup, we enjoy the overall benefit of living in our life the grid. The sizzle of the grill is best enjoyed in the presence of sanity.

Further inside the crossings, I see an invitation to enter.

There is a chance to leave, and there is a similar chance to stay. We enjoy ourselves best if we are cooperative with one another to keep us in one place, while extending to others an opportunity to leave. Very much creatures of habit, we count on ourselves to stay put, but we know that if we tire of our environment, we are permitted to move on. However, we only be trading these crossings inside which we are staying put for new digs. Wherever we are, if there are groups of people, we are as a unit if we respect our place. We enjoy what we have, because there are so many chances to increase it. It is here that we grow together.

Boundaries can be creative. Often, boundaries help attain cohesion because so many people happen upon similar behaviour. More often than not, common characteristics of this behaviour means people are doing specific activities at the same time and in the same way. Good luck to you when you are checking boundaries. I hope you appreciated what I’ve done in response to this week’s Photo Challenge. If you do, you are welcome to click “Like” on this post and/or to click “Follow.” Thank you for looking at my blog!


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