A Simple, Elegant Victory


“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” -Charles Darwin

The theme of victory rings true for all. This week’s Photo Challenge for WordPress is entitled Victory. It is available here: photo challenges/victory

Coming of age in my late twenties was for me a victory.

The theme of victory reminds me how I felt in the mid 2000s (the years). There was a certain time in my life when I was making decisions that would have a significant impact on my future. A few years shy of thirty, I was grappling with both an onset of personal maturity and also mysteries solved about what I believed to be true. Like it or not, these beliefs were about famous literature and music. Perhaps I was becoming an artist. Definitely speaking, however, I was gaining insight into what had interested me in my relative youth to how I was at the time of which I am now writing.

A number of famous persons for whom I held enormous respect were celebrated certainly in their own right.

The photo is of a home stereo which a very good friend to me helped me install in my home. I am able to enjoy a good deal of audio, whether radio, Internet, or disc, and I remember what it was like when I as yet lived with my mom and dad and was continuing to find comfort and escape with very specific ideals made poignant by famous figures.

There was a strong pull surrounding events connected to these victories which steered me.

The theme of victory is interesting to celebrate. I’m not sure these defined the times, whether a top-selling album’s reissue with new songs, a recording artist’s return to form, or a novel’s adaptation for film. I suspect, honestly, they didn’t. However, for me, and for many others, I know, the times were at the least heralded by what had been done by some dear, favourite pop icons.

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week illustrates the theme of victory. If you want to join in this week’s Victory Photo Challenge, by all means, surf photo challenges/victory and participate. Otherwise, if you enjoyed this post, you can “Like” and “Follow” to acknowledge me. Thank you for reading.


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