Roaring Laughter

I have a confession to make, ‘ve never had a good sense of humour.  You know, what pops up in personal ads?  Sense of humour, sense of…  For all intents and purposes, the last thing I remember giving me an authentic belly laugh was watching a popular Seinfeld scene on network tv (maybe we had cable?).

The Marine Biologist

It’s just so funny that George was declaring he’d had such a transformation. Everybody has their insecurities.  An undeserved transformation is kind of poignantly backward.

I see today the announcement for the #WEPFF – VALENTINE CHALLENGE–how wonderful! It’s a blog hop for creative people, often writers and/or bloggers, to discuss Valentine’s Day. The target date to join is February 17, but you should sign up now if you want to enter. I’ll participate.




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