DIVISION: A Force for Good

A division is a unit. It is a decision to make one number into a smaller number. Division is easy, but a calculator is necessary to do division. My browser is obsolete which is a version of Internet Explorer from the past. However, I use a word processor and a word processor on a computer fortunately is of use to me.

Today my browser had trouble receiving a site which explains to me topics on Twitter. Therefore, I think it is a sea change that I think about those specific trends.

My access to the Internet is a division. It takes a lot of time to have knowledge of the Internet.
The decision to go with a stock photo is indicative that I am inattentive to Twitter as much as I were in the day of TwitPic. The stock photo site I use is stocksnap.io at this here address, https://stocksnap.io/
It doesn’t take a calculator.

Luis Llerena

Today’s WordPress prompt is to participate in the site’s daily prompt challenge by discussing the word “division.” WordPress is helpfully tied to a Daily Prompt page which each day offers a thread to help you decide how to blog.
My thoughts are to include an image to put in my WordPress, a stock photo. They are nice to include in a short blog post.
I like Twitter, and I hope the division in social continue to use the character limit of the present in place and with hashtags and with being friendly and making due with algorithms which aren’t appreciated. I believe Twitter represents the best division of social.

Today my Internet Explorer browser had trouble receiving a useful website I like which explains to me trending topics on Twitter.


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