Blog Challenge Argumentative: Facebook and Social

Everyone thinks Facebook is dominant in social but here’s what’s actually true. It is not the only handle.

Opinions of the farflung future vary. For those who believe we have a future, there are some who think the right to privacy is worth fighting to protect. Some are in the dark about what could result from the lack of Internet controls generally enjoyed in the present. More than a few think the devil be damned and enjoy the occasional spotlight as it illuminates the crowd.

There are others, it is clear. Didn’t you know that?

What seems free may have strings attached. The literal price tag of any given service often includes only the bare essentials as they are understood. To thrive, a few dollars here and there (on apps, plug-ins, hardware, etc.) may be required, and the economic definition of scarcity surely applies here. For the desired recognition, I venture to guess that once more as in other similar situations money talks.

It is mostly up to you what you want people to know. If you are sub par, you will be told as much as an army of folk waiting to raise their spears are as much the wolves at the door as Mom and Dad were in the old days. You need to excel or, plain and simple, you will be failing hard and failing fast. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but it is crucial that you learn from your mistakes as they happen to you. Own them and learn, and put them to rest with a dash more of hope for having conquered something, at least.

It isn’t enough to spend your time clicking if you want to be top dog. You need to bring to bear content, which is the substance of media as it’s understood on the Internet with an eye to generating traffic for your particular je ne said quoi. You need to be real and you need to think smart, and the end result has to be a brand that is somehow recognizable on the Internet if you want to earn turf in cyberspace.

The battle for cool will likely be decided among Internet users by the people with the brand that is the savviest. Established cool spills into media channels as pockets are lined with dollars, and while there is a fair but challenging place for your own to tackle, it is a very small yard in the virtual universe from which to raise your horn.

Occasionally, it is decided, by fate and by luck, that someone is captivated onto a takeoff of fifteen minutes of fame that can come without warning. If and when this happens, it is often seen that the victor is completely captivating, and a throng of onlookers champions (and quite possibly forgets). That is often the prize for the amateur designer, the potential and the possibility. I have put it in fancy language because I think it is a fancy thing. Thank you for reading.



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