Giveaway Contest: Win a Cineplex E-Gift

Jeff Goins is an author of four books, which came after eight years as a blogger and writer. He knew his calling and put in the work to make a success of himself. What’s more, his generosity extends to a brilliant web presence that invites bloggers of all levels of proficiency to work with the benefit of tips and guidance from Jeff Goins. As a result, many bloggers take their craft to the next level.

Many people struggling to blog benefit from Goins’ insight as a blogger and writer. I myself have enjoyed scrutinizing Jeff Goins as a leader and information he has imparted I have worked into my blog. This week Goins organized a seven-day challenge that involves a daily assignment by which participants can improve as bloggers.

For day five, Goins suggested bloggers offer a giveaway, and thus I am making a giveaway available to visitors who respond. I am offering a $25 Cineplex E-Gift Card to a randomly determined visitor to this blog post, who leaves a comment and/or an email to:

Photographer:	Maya Karmon

It is with satisfaction that I am inviting visitors to participate, and the E-card will be delivered to your e-mail. Just give me your name and e-mail, either in a comment on the blog post, and/or in an e-mail to: The winner will be determined randomly on March 31, 2016. Feel free to browse any portions of my blog, as well. If you have an interest in following my blog, you are more than welcome, of course. Good luck in the contest. We’ll see you at the end of the month! All the best to you.

Jeff Goins is an active blogger and the author of four books, including The Art of Work.


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