What Alger Wrote about Silence

By the time he died in 1899, Horatio Alger Jr. was the author of about a hundred volumes.1   His popularity had dwindled, although his writing received favourable comments and a resurgence following his death.  Walter Sherwood’s Probation says, “There are times when silence is golden, and one of those times is at hand.”2  All of Alger’s novels rework the same plot:  a boy struggles to escape poverty.3


It’s not the age of silence.  It’s only with a lack of luck that a forthcoming individual lacks a voice by which he’s known.  If one has any luck, he has a voice, with which to speak.  The Internet intertwines individual voices, and at times the roar is as one and other times it is dissident and singular sentiments are spoken.


We should not shy away from our opportunities to speak. Humility’s not always to our advantage, and we should come forward with something we have in mind to say. The adjoining of human lives is extremely advantageous as the like-minded can and do join in solidarity to reside among the voice of the collective. When the human voice is silenced, it is the sound of silence, but not nearly as golden a silence as the failing Horatio Alger Jr. posited.

If you’re already proudly speaking, and your words are from the heart, let them sound aloud and share your true sentiments with those who are supportive. Don’t be inhibited by what is unkind luck and, therefore, misfortune. Reading this is the opportunity to come forward with speech, so avail yourself of this possibility that your words are worth it and reach home. Never hesitate when the iron is hot to be forward with this venture, and have a heart and be true. Feel welcome with your words.

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To Be Passionate is Not to Be Dismissed


In other civilizations the artists were passionate, and to this day the best minds take in works from the past, what was decided long ago in times of yesteryear.

It is not so much like that now.

Everybody is posting their content all the time, it would seem. This isn’t that big an exaggeration, and you know what I’m talking about if you spend even a cursory amount of time on the Internet. The greatest earmark of passionate works has long been discovered by curious onlookers; now, everybody and his brother is putting something up on the Internet about what it is in his life that is suitable for casual discussion and discourse.

The best and the most passionate shouldn’t play second fiddle.

That being said, it is true that passion need not enter the discussion at all; casual passion–what passes for passion–is ignited daily, and what would seem mundane to scholars is divided on public forums as though it carried burning weight and gravity. This is regrettable, but necessary for civilization as we understand it in the West to pass into the future, a time when people’s outpouring of brazen and unschooled content will become increasingly normalized and heralded all the more as truth.

There is little to be done about this.

It would seem that we are fated to see future generations all the more empowered to join the throng and spit their commentary on formerly little seen aspects of human life as it is now and all the greater committed to the Internet. It is not so much earmarked passion as it is the digital human narrative, committed to the public eye and replicated in many places.

About passion I dare not breathe a word.

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Coming Together in the Age of the Internet


I believe that socializing with friends is important for your well-being. Naturally, in the day and age of the Internet, there are many, many opportunities to find people with whom you may forge a connection. So many people are on the Internet that socializing with new people online is a valuable opportunity when there are so many doors to open. It can’t be beat, that you if need to find other people, that the Internet is so useful when it comes to seeking people.

Social media is truly an advantage if you utilize it. Using Facebook to keep in touch with people from your past, and the numerous other social media platforms that get you interacting with people on the Internet, is a wonderful thing in this century. Often the collective of ideas and thought is forged uniquely through the various social media avenues. Many times the spark of friendship happens in plain sight with social media. It is distinctly a wonderful experience as you have probably enjoyed yourself.

The wealth of information on the Internet is truly a boon for people seeking new and enriching modes of information. It may seem like casual play, perhaps, or something that is so commonplace that it is taken for granted, but the Internet and the socialization that accompanies it is something very special. You can’t help but be moved by the camaraderie that goes with being active on the Internet. Many times, whether staying in touch with people you know from the “real world,” or whether searching for fellowship in the vaunted halls of the Internet, you will find yourself remarking upon the bonds and companionship that comet. It is with this goal in mind, of finding people to whom I may serve a function, that I am carrying on with my blog with an interest in growing my personal brand and possibly becoming of service to others thanks to my activities on the Internet. I am optimistic I can make this work.

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Passion is Fragile


What can be very fragile in life is enthusiasm. Waking up in the morning with energy for the day, the urge to be productive, the capacity to take an interest in the world–all of these ideas can be very fragile and it is necessary to cultivate your growth by having pursuits in your life which give you energy. It is semi-tragic when the light goes out, if all of a sudden what was captivating for you is lost, and nothing is left in the way of passion for life. Many people think about what it takes to feel optimistic about the world, and it is of great importance to make decisions that help you feel eager to be challenged and that help you grow as a person.

Closing a door on what gives you enthusiasm is never a good idea. Life is often characterized as being very short, indeed, but it is clear to me, given my forty years, that people who feel the muse are much more often rewarded than people who are left with their passions broken and discarded. Regrettably, there are frequently setbacks in one’s life that leave you unable to continue down one path, but with any luck, there will emerge an alternative path which offers just as many rewards and just as many blessings as the path you have abandoned. It is vital that you cling to life as though everything about you which makes you “you” keeps blossoming as though nothing can replace it, because this is the case. Your enthusiasm for the day is everything in life.

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Narrowing My Blog’s Focus

I am returning to my blog after a couple of months and I thought that I would resume by looking up the WordPress Daily Prompt for today and going from there. I am getting older but I continue to enjoy blogging and I thought I would present this post as part of the Daily Prompt from WordPress.


I have wished that I had a list of e-mail subscribers but I have never attempted to get this off the ground. A list of e-mail subscribers is useful as it entails bringing your personal brand to readers with an e-mail newsletter or something of that kind. I wish I could get my efforts as a writer off the ground that way, as I do a tiny bit of content writer for a company in India which employs me, but the work is very meager.

However, I am interested in continuing to write short stories with the end of developing my style as a writer. I am taking this on as a hobby and I am weighing my choices in terms of style as a writer and how to best proceed from here.

One of the keys to blogging successfully is to publish blog posts which are useful for your readers. I am a little uncertain as to how best to reach readers with blog posts which are interesting and helpful for them. I have a good start already with this blog but I need to come back to it with some focus that will help me define my blog as an “entity” and possibly connect with readers who discover my blog.

I want to go from here and I hope I can remain motivated to keep my blog updated. By seeking inclusion in the WordPress Daily Prompts, I think there may be the occasional like-minded reader (and fellow blogger) who may take an interest in what I am doing and whose feedback for me, if it happens, may be enlightening for me and keep me going in the right direction.

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