Reaching the End of a Job Position



This year started with some promise, because I met the requirements for a job position which was stay-at-home and on the Internet. At first, I was working several days each week, with only a little time out of the day spent at work, and the money, while the opposite of a king’s ransom, was slightly motivating as I could see myself putting a few dollars in my pocket while gaining work experience and utilizing my time effectively as well.

I was a content writer, thanks to a writing platform named Freelancer which is a website where you can both host work opportunities for freelancers to contact you with an application, and also search many, many work opportunities if you yourself are a freelancer and want paid opportunities for yourself. I lucked out slightly, because although the money was very poor, I felt the work experience would benefit me and I would be spending my time slightly wiser than the way I was doing.

I have had some interest in writing for money and this was the first time I actually was doing it (this year, 2016). I had the assistance of an editor, and my deadlines were flexible enough that they were easy to meet, so I was happy with the opportunity to do some content writing. Although my name wasn’t attached to the articles I was writing, I knew my writing would some of the time be circulating on the Internet and perhaps it would impact to some degree the lives of some readers. I was pleased with what I was doing.

Unfortunately, after several months, the pace of the incoming work for me has slowed to a snail’s pace and I am starting to suspect that the company for which I worked has stopped offering me work. It has been a couple of weeks since I was contacted by e-mail with a work assignment to do, and I haven’t been paid for the last couple of articles I wrote for them, so it is looking to me as if it is no longer happening. I will have to change my occupation entry on my Facebook page sometime soon if the absence persists in my e-mail address from my editor and I will have to pursue other work, I’m afraid. While it was good while it lasted, as I enjoyed the pace of the work, regrettably, I am currently back to square one.


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