Whether Sincere or Can We Challenge Ourselves

When we are evaluating ourselves as individuals, we have the opportunity and the option to transfer much of our essence as people into entities on the world wide web, particularly owing to the avenue of social media. Turning our attention to this popular activity, we have the choice whether to do our best to represent ourselves accurately and clearly for others’ consumption and without too much blurring of the truth as it is that we come across on social media.

One excellent thing we can do for our peace of mind is to be sincere. When we have a connection forged between the “I” and the others, the most enduring way to nurture that bond is to be sincere with the other. In the era of the Internet, when we are branding ourselves with our social media profiles and in our interactions with other Internet users, the most challenging thing we can do for ourselves is to practice sincerity on the world wide web.

The nature of social media is to be competitive with other individuals in social media. It goes beyond keeping in touch with others and is more about being part of the race between humans to do things in the best way possible at the time. Nothing mundane is thought of as particularly “share-worthy” on social media, as the social media user is rendering highlights of the life he is living, for display and for consumption by others who are living rival experiences, as part of the crowd, on social media. The most significant challenge you can set for yourself, both inside the sphere of social media and offline in the real world, is to muster sincerity, with other people.

It is most important when there are existing ties between you and others, that you permit authentic growth by consistently being sincere with those to who you are bound. The experience of being human is most rewarding when you are projecting sincerity about yourself to those to who you devote time and who you care about. Others, your friends, will receive this sincerity of yours quite graciously and you will experience human relationships, in all likelihood, as a well of human interaction which is nourishing in its own right. You have made the choice to be sincere with those you care about.

Social media is a specific example of having opportunities to be insincere, with the advantage to gain of looking better than the truth actually is. I’m on the Internet right now and I am making an effort to speak truly for you, so that if you happen to be reading this, you can with better readiness, try to trust me and to trust that I have your interests at heart. Yes, we are most likely strangers, but I put it to you that I am God-fearing, humble and sincere.

Social media is a ready alternative to living life for its own sake, and sincerity on social media is challenging to maintain but a significant challenge if you choose for your own sake or for the better of all to be sincere on social media. You have the opportunity to put yourself into your social media with both sincerity and artful intent.

This brief reflection on sincerity was inspired by today’s WordPress Daily Prompt, and I found I wanted very much on some personal level to assert that I am sincere. I am grateful for the opportunity. If you liked this post, you can go ahead and click “like” if you please or to click the “follow” button. You are also welcome to leave me a comment, sincerely or otherwise. Good luck to you!





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