Happy Birthday: Mark Harmon

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markharmon.jpgMark Harmon

Born: September 2, 1951 in Burbank, California, USA

Married to:
Pam Dawber (21 March 1987 – present) (2 children)

Gibbs [his character in NCIS (2003)] is like a great hunting dog. He is just the guy you want in your fox hole, he is just the guy you want to ride the river with. But I don’t know if he’s the guy you want to have dinner with.

dir. Steven Kampmann
William Porter
Mark Harmon
Jodie Foster

JUSTICE LEAGUE CRISIS ON TWO EARTHSJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths
dir. Lauren Montgomery
Sam Liu
Mark Harmon
Alyssa Milano
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
dir. Terry Gilliam
Benicio Del Toro
 Best of NCIS
Created by Aaron Sorkin

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Twitter Is Refreshing How the Platform Looks and Making It Easier for People to Use

If you know about how the business model for eBooks, as in digital books, worked in the past, you know they were often sold on Twitter. The end result was that the market became saturated, I understand, which is a fancy way of saying there were too many writers on Twitter and too many eBooks being marketed on the heavy-hitting social media platform, and it became much more difficult to do without very precise strategies in place. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it’s just not the gold rush it was a few years ago.

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is the word, “Total,” and what for me is the “total” mind-blowing news that Twitter is now undertaking the major step on the route to what a lot of Twitter users hope is renewed success for the platform, of revamping it all over again. That sounds dramatic, but it does look like Twitter will be visibly different in the near future. It can mean the end of Twitter, or its renewed success as a social media platform. In short, will it turn out like Myspace or Yahoo!, or will it get back its status as a profitable and enjoyable user service.

.I am obviously on Twitter and I enjoy it. In case you need to find me on Twitter, you can here:

What’s more, I am sharing a link to an article which explains the change which is happening. I hope if you have any interest in Twitter, you look at it and see what’s in store. It would be a gigantic bummer if Twitter failed in terms of the big picture and while I doubt the eBook market on Twitter will ever again be lucrative, I do hope Twitter stays alive and well. If you’re not on Twitter, maybe you should consider joining in the near future. It can be a lot of fun. I am firing this post off because of the excitement that goes with an announcement of this kind, and if you do find it relevant, which I hope a few do, apart from everyone else talking about what’s coming on Twitter, you’re welcome to, “like,” “follow,” and/or “comment” this blog post. Thank you for noticing, and all the best to you, whatever you do, in your personal life, and in business.

Source: Twitter Is Refreshing How the Platform Looks and Making It Easier for People to Use

Climb with Me: A Reminder

I am doing an update to this Easter time post because I decided reading it today that it continues to be unhoned, inaccurate and also disrespectful.  I am doing an edit to keep in the post that which reflects more honestly how I feel, while not sending it to the trash altogether.  It is an old post which won’t be seen very much, but if you do pass through this post, I would like to reassure you that I was merely working up my nerve to return to blogging after an absence, and not intending to post as inept a post I knew I was writing.

Happy Easter to you.


Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is the word “climbing.”  In addition to being Easter time, this has also been the weekend of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  So I reflect… what is going on at the WordPress offices?  Why has a word like “climbing” been opted for as today’s prompt?


Climbing, to me, suggests a few different things, but the notion of climbing I want to hone on is the idea of social climbing.  Social climbing is when you network upwardly.  It’s when you reach out to people higher up on the food chain with the hope you will join the ride.


It’s pretty common.  What’s all this business with social media?  It’s the definition of social climbing.


Anyone would any sense would be doing that kind of social climbing, in fact, because you certainly should mean business.  You are a somebody, I think.  In fact, and I guarantee little about life, but if you are looking at this humble blog post of mine, I would venture to say that you are indeed a somebody.


I will offer you this, in exchange for your time:  if you are seeing this post, you indeed matter.  I’m not the only one who will propose this to you, but in your case, at this moment, rest assured that you are of importance.  So climb away.


See you in the revision stage.


Its Still Okay!

Lots of material for ideas, twenty-four hours in the day.  #ItsStillOkay

Challenges help in connecting the thoughts! They give us the perceptions and they put us deep. Its good to do the challenges now and then!

Are you in for #ItsStillOkay Challenge?  okay



The task is to write a
which ends with the #ItsStillOkay and marks a perfect end to it!


Here is my take with a one-liner:
K, how did okay become ok ? #ItsStillOkay


Feel free to nominate yourself for the challenge if interested.

Here are the rules:
1. Copy the logo and description
2. Write your perspective for #ItsStillOkay
3. Spread the challenge by keeping open nomination or by nominating at-least five fellow bloggers.

A Photo of Harmony: Do you Agree?

This week’s photo challenge is to illustrate harmony, or what gives the feeling of harmony. I thought and I decided on the included photo, which I took today. After a brief winter in my part of the land, it is beginning to be warm, quite encouraging. I thought this day, as many people are feeling relief, harmonious. This is the idea behind my photo. As spring breaks, so does harmony present itself, elusive, but, I feel, reflected in the running water in a ravine.

While I have never ventured down into the ravine, from atop the hill, I can see a running creek which meanders through the land, and I thought today to photograph it, inspired by this week’s challenge. Though the colours of the photo are sedate and muted, we have a wonderful little creek there, a hint of solace and it spoke to me the idea harmony.
Many times we seek harmony, and want it as something other than sweet music, or the power, however fleeting it can be, of a prayer. It is a reminder that harmony is present, and by that I mean the water of a creek which prevails over the dry land around it acts as an agent of harmony in nature. When I think of beautiful life, this little creek that is a quiet wonder a stone’s throw away from the world, I find harmony and I hope that my photo of the creek speaks of harmony. I am glad to have thought to catch a moment of harmony with my photo from above the water.
Do you see this photo and agree and disagree that it hints at harmony? Feel free to let me know with a “like” or a “comment.”