Climb with Me: A Reminder

I haven’t blogged since Valentine’s Day.  It’s been a long time.  Gone but not forgotten, I hope.  Why not today, I think, to resume?  I am checking out the site changes for the first time in a while.  Happy Easter to you.


Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is the word “climbing.”  In addition to being Easter time, this has also been the weekend of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  So I reflect… what is going on at the WordPress offices?  Why has a word like “climbing” been opted for as today’s prompt?


Climbing, to me, suggests a few different things, but the notion of climbing I want to hone on is the idea of social climbing.  Social climbing is when you network upwardly.  It’s when you reach out to people higher up on the food chain with the hope you will join the ride.  It’s pretty common.  What’s all this business with social media?  It’s the definition of social climbing.  A friend request is seldom just a friend request.  But maybe I’m cynical… or a little too honest.


Anyone would any sense would be doing that kind of social climbing, in fact, because unless you are of a lackadaisical mind like me, you certainly should mean business.  You are a somebody, I think.  In fact, and I guarantee little about life, but if you are looking at this humble blog post of mine, I would venture to say that you are indeed a somebody.  I don’t get a lot of blog traffic, which is generally the opposite intention of publishing a blog, but I will offer you this, in exchange for your time:  if you are seeing this post, you indeed matter.  I’m not the only one who will propose this to you, but in your case, at this moment, rest assured that you are of importance.  So climb away.


I’m being a little facetious, but if you liked this post, feel free to “like,” “follow,” and/or “comment.”  See you in the revision stage.


Joining the Insecure Writer’s Support Group ~ No#49

I am interested in joining the Insecure Writer’s Support Group because I think it would be a useful networking exercise. I have some image problems. Also, I worry about the difficulty of making a sustained effort as a writer. I’m also have some doubts about whether I have enough originality to make writing more a good idea.

One specific fear I had was the fear of trying to stay current as a computer user which isn’t easy. I finally decided that reasonable standards of computing are adequate, but it took me a long time to become convinced of this (like dipping a toe in a cold pool of water). I also had some fear that I hadn’t read enough to merit writing myself, but eventually found the courage to acknowledge myself for the books I have read. I am also afraid that I don’t sufficiently understand the world around us to be a worthwhile writer.

One struggle I went through was the decision to permanently move out of my mom and dad’s house. It took me a relatively long time to do this. I am sure that a common struggle among people in and out of the writing game is relationship problems, and trying to make relationships of all levels work is a major concern for me. It was also a struggle, as I mentioned above, when I was writing some of my doubts, to accept the changing times.

A triumph of mine was accepting my sister’s encouragement to contribute some run-of-the-mill movie reviews to a local student newspaper, which was a triumph because for several weeks the reviews were published in print and online for the paper for which I was volunteering. It was the beginning of my interest in being published. Some other modest recognition which I have enjoyed have also got me feeling triumphant, and I don’t want to say too much about this, but recognition is positively a joy. I also feel better when I write something complete, which is perhaps my most important triumph.

If you are struggling, remember, and I hope I’m not speaking out of place, that writing is an end in and of itself.

Photographer:Daria Nepriakhina

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Seven — Neighborhood, Ballad

Choices need be made quickly, ingeniously
The decision is the time to make haste
Months waning, the days are running
Not to see a little out there, a waste

People, in a word, are savvy, with know-how
Quickly from shade, they fade into the hour
The outdoors rears fearsome and beastly
On my own again, by my own power

I won’t be long this moment, not this play day
I can compare where I was to how I am
The claw draw of my homestead awaits me
Out there I was sensible, but I confess now… my jamDSCF8462