Climb with Me: A Reminder

I am doing an update to this Easter time post because I decided reading it today that it continues to be unhoned, inaccurate and also disrespectful.  I am doing an edit to keep in the post that which reflects more honestly how I feel, while not sending it to the trash altogether.  It is an old post which won’t be seen very much, but if you do pass through this post, I would like to reassure you that I was merely working up my nerve to return to blogging after an absence, and not intending to post as inept a post I knew I was writing.

Happy Easter to you.


Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is the word “climbing.”  In addition to being Easter time, this has also been the weekend of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  So I reflect… what is going on at the WordPress offices?  Why has a word like “climbing” been opted for as today’s prompt?


Climbing, to me, suggests a few different things, but the notion of climbing I want to hone on is the idea of social climbing.  Social climbing is when you network upwardly.  It’s when you reach out to people higher up on the food chain with the hope you will join the ride.


It’s pretty common.  What’s all this business with social media?  It’s the definition of social climbing.


Anyone would any sense would be doing that kind of social climbing, in fact, because you certainly should mean business.  You are a somebody, I think.  In fact, and I guarantee little about life, but if you are looking at this humble blog post of mine, I would venture to say that you are indeed a somebody.


I will offer you this, in exchange for your time:  if you are seeing this post, you indeed matter.  I’m not the only one who will propose this to you, but in your case, at this moment, rest assured that you are of importance.  So climb away.


See you in the revision stage.